filter 2021 calendar - four colorful minimalist calendar posters


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accessories - 2 tote bags and 2 iphone cases with colorful designsapparel - 2 shirts, 1 tank top, 1 winter hat, all with colorful designsstationery - a grouping of postcards with colorful designshome goods - 2 coffee mugs, 1 beach towel, 1 pillow all with colorful designsaccessories - 2 tote bags and 2 iphone cases with colorful designsstickers - grouping of stickers with colorful designs
city type series - white city names on a black background - cities include paris, tokyo, los angeles, madrid, detroit, chicago, london, new york, san francisco, sydney

Unique and Colorful Creations

Joe Dawson Jr. enjoys mixing colors, shapes, and bold lines to create abstract and familiar images. Drawing inspiration from nature, travel, and history, he presents his colorful creations to the world under the name Vaieel.

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Featured Items

phyllis the toucan - a colorful and tropical toucan illustration on a green leaf background