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black line top left
black line top right
pink flamingo illustration
spirit of detroit illustration
colorful tulip illustration
colorful sunset illustration
colorful dripping rainbow illustration
pink and blue geometric heart illustration
geometric snake illustration
yellow blue and orange mosaic tile pattern
abstract design of colorful cirles
colorful spiral towers in rainbow colors
abstract geometric red oval design
design of stacking blue and green tiles
owl illustration
mid century pink and blue design
black line bottom left
black line bottom right
black line top
illustration of a pink flamingo standing in water
pattern of colorful tulips
illustration of the spirit of detroit
bright and minimal sunset illustration
colorful dripping rainbow design
pink purple and blue snake design
geometric heart design in blue pink and purple
mosaic tile pattern in yellow orange and blue
six colorful circles in an abstract design
red pointed oval shapes
grouping of rainbow spiral towers
illustration of stacks of blue and green tiles
illustration of a geometric owl design
pink and blue mid century minimal design
black line bottom


Unique and Colorful Creations

Joe Dawson Jr. enjoys mixing colors, shapes, and bold lines to create abstract and familiar images. Drawing inspiration from nature, travel, and history, he presents his colorful creations to the world under the name Vaieel.

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