Phyllis the Toucan Mouse Pad

Enter a tropical world right on your desk with this vibrant Phyllis the Toucan mouse pad. Phyllis is your new feathery friend who brings joy to your fingertips as you navigate your computer. The mouse pad full of jugle plants and features a colorful toucan illustration.

Not only is this mouse pad a blast of color, but it’s also super functional. The smooth surface lets your mouse glide with ease, making it a breeze to play games, create artwork, or complete projects. And the sturdy non-slip base keeps Phyllis in place on your desk, even during the most daring computer adventures.

Bring a touch of the tropics to your desktop and let Phyllis the Toucan whisk you away on a thrilling rainforest expedition. With this vibrant and engaging mouse pad, your computer time will be filled with endless fun and imagination.

  • Dimensions: 7.75″ × 9.25″ × .10″ (20 × 23 × .25 cm)
  • Thin and low profile
  • Non-slip backing
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