Dripping Rainbow Mouse Pad

Add a burst of color, joy, and pride to your desk with a Dripping Rainbow mouse pad. This colorful desk accessory is a fantastic way to express yourself and spread positivity and love.

Not only does this mouse pad add a pop of color to your desk, it also provides a smooth surface for optimal mouse movements. The micro-textured fabric ensures precise tracking, giving you effortless control over your cursor. Whether you’re tackling crucial projects or exploring the depths of the web, this colorful desk accessory guarantees smooth navigation.

Decorate your desk and follow the rainbow on your next digital adventure with this colorful mouse pad.

  • Dimensions: 7.75″ × 9.25″ × .10″ (20 × 23 × .25 cm)
  • Thin and low profile
  • Non-slip backing
SKU: V0046-MP Category: Design:

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